This blog is your return to love from anxiety and fear. 

It's a place to visit for weekly reminders that anxiety and fear are a part of you, but they are not all of you.

On this blog you'll find

Tools and resources to help you return to love in moments of anxiety and fear.

Weekly blog posts reminding you of the true love that you are.

I say 'return to love' because...

 love is your true nature, and it's already inside of you. There's no need to 'find' love.

You only need to remove the barriers to it, in order to see it. 

If you're brand new here, feel free to check out some of my favorite tools to love yourself through anxiety below.

More about Monique....


Hey there! I'm an LA native and all-around life lover.

I was in a pretty bad car accident on the freeway in December of 2013, and I like to think of that accident as the catalyst to my spiritual journey. I grew up catholic, but in my early twenties I never really gave much thought to God. I still believed in him, but I'd put him aside in my day-to-day life.

In the ensuing months after my accident, and after a big move to Downtown LA to live with my boyfriend, my anxiety was at an all time high. I didn't know what it was at the time, and it scared the shit out of me. My thoughts were moving faster than I could process them, and I could not slow down. I thought I was going crazy, and everything I looked at, from simple things like my rug, dresser, and walls in my room...was just too much to take in (if that makes any kind of sense).  

I seriously thought the only way to relieve the crazy was to jump out the window and die. 

Luckily, it never got that bad. After about six months of feeling horrible, something spoke to me on a dark night on the way home from speaking on my very first blog panel. I can't describe what it actually said, but the overall message was go back to God.

And nothing about that message felt religious or scary. It was the darkest night of my life, and I found solace in knowing that God was with me. It was like realizing suddenly someone comfortaing has been sitting right next to you for your whole life. 

From that moment on, I threw myself back into love, and God (same thing). 

I started out by asking my mom to borrow her copy of Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Which somehow led me to really resonating with Jim Carey's commencement speech (I'm not sure how, they're not even related!) 

From there I was somehow led to Wayne Dyer. Which led me to Hay House Radio. Which led me to my favorite therapist I've never met, (but owe all of my healing to) Robert Holden

I don't think my anxiety will ever go away, but I don't think it should. I think there should always be some way for my body and mind to signal to me that I'm moving too fast or that there might be danger nearby. And the more I'm learning that I'm not a separate entity in this world, having to work out this life stuff by myself, the better. 

If you're feeling like you might need some quick love and encouragement to get you through any anxiety you might be dealing with today, do check out my toolkit below. It's a combination of my go-to tools when I start feeling like my thoughts are moving way too fast for me to keep up.

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