10 Morning Self-Love Practices You Can Easily Start Tomorrow

Thousands if not millions of people use the power of the morning to set themselves in alignment for the rest of the day. 

In my opinion, if you're not starting your day with some kind of release from yesterday, it's adding a layer of dust to the beauty of today.

Today I'm sharing with you 10 morning self-love practices to help prep you for the every-day. 

The every-day eye rolls.

The every-day self-judgement. 

The every-day little hates. 

I think you'll find that after just a week of devoting yourself to a small but daily morning self-love practice, the little eye rolls and daily hates don't matter as much.

People can say or do whatever they want to you, but if you start your days with a morning self-love practice, you'll always have that back-up happy to remind you of who you really are. 

(Back-up happy - I like that!)

So since morning self-love practices are a bit of a hassle to start with, I crafted 10 self-love practices below for you to try on, starting tomorrow morning. 

This isn't just an individualized list of '1. meditate, 2. stretch', this is an actual list of practices that combine different acts of self-care.

Each practice has 2-3 acts of self-care involved, giving you a more rounded, and full-bodied practice.

(Rounded and full-bodied...hmmm, sounds like I need some coffee). :D

1. Read one lesson from the Course in Miracles + meditate for 5 minutes using the Insight Timer app.

2. Wake up to Yoga instead of your alarm clock. Use an app like Yoga Wake Up to transition peacefully from sleep to waking to stretching. Once done, sip some warm lemon water and look at your agenda for the day.

3. Drink a large glass of water, and settle in to 15­-30 minutes of meditation from the Insight Timer app.

4. Make a warm cup of tea or water with lemon, and take 15 minutes to read poetry by Rumi or Mary Oliver (or any of your favorite poets!).

5. Do a 5 minute meditation with the Insight Timer, drink some water, and do a 20 minute yoga session with Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

6. Light a candle, make a warm cup of tea or lemon water, and write three pages in your journal, doesn't matter what it says! (I like to write out my dreams...).

7. Light a candle, turn on some soft music, and cook a nice breakfast for yourself and focus only on the food, feel it nourishing and loving your body.

8. Pick a mantra to meditate to with some soft music from the Insight Timer app. Repeat the mantra throughout the day so you don’t forget.

9. After your morning shower, massage your body with your favorite lotion, while thinking loving thoughts towards your body and yourself. I like to recite passages from the Course in Miracles sometimes while doing this, but repeating a mantra also works!

10. Wake up to the Sleep Cycle app, and let your first thoughts before getting out of bed be in prayer or gratitude. I use a great prayer sometimes from the Course in Miracles in the morning that asks the Holy Spirit, "What would you have me do, where would you have me go, what would you have me say, and to whom?" It takes the pressure off of having to do everything yourself for the rest of the day. It's better to just be led! 

I guarantee, you need this. Daily self-love practices make all the difference in your life, and everyone else's. 

Sending you all the love in the world,