Love is The Best Solution for Whatever You're Going Through + A Free Audio Download to Help You Out

Everything that is not love is a call for love.

I crossed the street Sunday night to my car after leaving a family gathering, and my stomach was in knots.

I'd had a really eventful weekend, filled with great friends and family, but the exhaustion had taken its toll.

I felt nervous for no reason, anxious, and nauseous. 

My ego took advantage of this by showing me a mental photo reel of the events I took part in the past couple of days: 

Drinking. Dancing. Driving long distances. Eating pretty poorly and getting little sleep. 

But deep down in my heart, I knew that the feelings I was having were not anything to judge or feel ashamed of.

They were notifications to love more. 

The Course in Miracles teaches us that anything that is not love is a call for love.

My nausea was a signal that I needed to love my body more by feeding it foods that were more nutritious.

My anxiety and exhaustion were signals that my body needed rest, and more sleep. 

All I needed was more love. Simple.

Sure I could have scolded myself and thought of a zillion different ways to criticize regret the things I did, but why complicate things? 

I jumped into my car that night and believed with all of my heart that love was the simplest and most appropriate answer to what I was feeling. 

All I needed to do was identify what needed more loving, and things would fall back to peace. 

That night I drove home with less anxiety than I had in awhile, because the answer to my pain and discomfort was so simple.

I came home and dutifully wrote out this post without putting too much pressure on myself to write something amazing. 

I intend to get enough sleep tonight, and make sure to start the week off with food that is healing and nutritious for my body. 

And none of it feels like pressure. Eating healthier and getting rest doesn't feel like something I "should" be doing, but instead it feels like something I'm called to do by love, who always has my best interests at heart.

It's too easy to hate myself for having a busy weekend, for drinking in the heat, for dancing myself silly and suffering the consequences of it the next day. 

It feels better to turn to love, and to let that solve everything.

It feels like the most obvious answer.

And you'll always know it when you ask yourself in a time of discomfort, what needs more love here? 

Your body will definitely tell you, as well as your heart.

If you need guidance on what needs more love in your life, check out the guided meditation I created below.

It works best on those days when you can't figure out what needs more love, but you know love is the answer.

In my opinion, love solves everything. In any situation that sucks.

I find that even when I'm upset with someone, sending them love and praying for their safety and happiness decreases my anger significantly. 

Even if you don't agree with them, sending love can't make the situation any worse. It can only help.

And don't you want to feel better? 

Isn't it horrible letting the things you don't like about other people or yourself sit festering in your body? 

Send both them and yourself love so you can feel better and move on.

We're the only ones suffering otherwise.

Of course, I can go on for days telling you that the answer to all horrible situations is love, but it's hard to understand it unless you're implementing it into your daily life and personal situations. 

Check out the meditation below to get a bit of clarity on what you can love more in your life, so that you're not sitting around stabbing yourself to death with harsh words of criticism and judgement. 

Those things just aren't worthy of you.