This Day Blooms For You

Every once in awhile it will dawn on me that I wasn’t put here to suffer.

I’ll be driving to work judging myself for not being more organized, for leaving the bedroom messy, for not having enough money, and then it will dawn on me that that isn’t the way we’re supposed to live our lives.

I don’t think we’re supposed to live with constant worry, self-judgment, and fear masking itself in a thousand different ways.

I’ll look at the sun, feel its perfect warmth, its whispers of unconditional love, and know.

I’ll look at trees, and the way their whole purpose is to provide shade for all who need it, and feel a love that gives completely without receiving anything in return.

And I'll know.

I'll know that our existence is more important than whether or not we have enough money.  

It’s more than just a career, a wedding, and a baby before 35.

A cheetah in the wild doesn’t worry about being a better cheetah, it just acts like a cheetah, and after it dies, no one can say it didn’t fulfill its purpose.

We are far more loved than we realize when we’re thinking we don’t have what we need, and letting what we don't have define our whole lives.

Because when we do that, we miss out on the beauty that is actually our whole life.

That reminds me of something Robert Holden says about whether we’re starring in our own lives or if we’re just playing an extra, letting someone else or some thing else take the lead.

You are the leading role in your life, and the entire audience that is the universe loves you for it.

But we forget this sometimes because the birds can’t talk.

The little green beetles on the ground can’t tell us they’re friendly.

Love speaks in action over words sometimes, and the trees just sway in the wind.

It’s up to us to see the world for the beauty that it is, and to see ourselves for who we are.

We weren’t put here to suffer.

We were put here to play a beautiful part in the live action film that is this beautiful life, to live happily, and to know that ‘happy’ doesn’t depend on anything.

We deserve happy and we deserve love.

There’s no terms and conditions for our existence. (Click to tweet)

It requires no action on our part to be loved.

It is our natural birthright as residents of this earth. If trees can sway and flowers can be born smelling naturally beautiful, why would our existence be any less important?

Why should we stress while the birds sing?

The Course in Miracles describes self-abuse as ‘death’.

Any form of anxiety, worry, or anything else that strays from love is ‘death’, and something we have created to keep ourselves fearful and in pain, where it is not required.

So I’m going to steal a line from Game of Thrones here and say:

“You know what I say to death? Not today.”

Today is too beautiful for suffering. It's a day that blooms for you.