Here's What Happens When You Stop Trying to 'Make It Happen'

When you stop trying to 'make it happen', is when everything starts to happen. 

I've always been fond of Marianne Williamson's comparison of our life's ambition to the ambition of an embryo. 

The embryo doesn't have to do a thing to become a baby. It just becomes a baby on its own. It develops lungs, a heart, blood vessels, and a thinking brain. 

No one writes blog posts about how babies can learn to develop better brains in the womb. (Thank God).

The miracle of life already knows what to do, and we let it have that process.

We don't force embryos to try and develop faster or better than other embryos. 

We instruct mothers to rest, and let the babies develop.

Yet as soon as we're born, it's a race to develop. It's "learn to walk before the age of 1" and "be potty trained as quickly as possible". 

The idea of letting things occur naturally takes a backseat to our own agendas of forcing things into submission.   

And later of course it's, we must make six figures before we turn 30

We must reach our goal of 500 subscribes before the end of August

Sometimes I wonder what it is we're doing when we make these kinds of goals. 

Or more often, I wonder what it is we're interfering with. 

If we were capable of going from small, alien-looking peas to full-size, healthy babies, without any input or direction from ourselves, something more is at work here. 

Something beautiful, and in our favor. 

So here's what I believe when it comes to 'the hustle', in work or wherever else.

When it comes to 'making things happen', remember this:


You only 'get' when you are in the energy of receiving. And you can only be in the energy of receiving, when you are not trying to 'get' anything. 

Rest, and let things happen.

I know that can be a hard pill to swallow, since everything you've ever been taught tells you otherwise.

But seriously, the 'trying to get get get' only makes things worse. It puts you in a position of trying to control what already runs perfectly on auto-pilot. 

And when you're trying to 'get get get', it's like you're admitting you don't 'have have have'.

It's like you're living in a constant state of admitting you have nothing, and the universe will prove you right about this opinion of yourself every chance it gets. 

It's only when you stop trying to 'make things happen', that everything happens.

I'll give you two quick examples of what happened to me when I did this: one in my 'hustle' life, and one in my personal life. 

Here's what happened when I took a step back from the 'hustle' that comes with blogging every week, creating new products, and building relationships with other bloggers. 

I got a crap ton of new subscribers every day.

Granted, I did put some work into this.

Taking a step back from the hustle doesn't mean you sit there and do nothing.

It means you do the work you love, and that you know the work you're doing is valuable and of service to the world.

It means you wholeheartedly believe that the right avenues will open up at the right times, for the right people.

So here's what got me a crap ton of subscribers. 

I created 3-5 pins on Pinterest for each of my blog posts, just like I do every week. 

At first, I tried so hard to get people to pin my pins.

I signed up with Tailwind to set my pins on auto-pilot, and scheduled them to run at the times the software suggested were the 'best' pinning times. 

And what happened? Nothing. I got a couple re-pins here and there but overall nothing. 

So I took a step back for awhile.

I wasn't going to bend over backwards trying to understand Pinterest, so I had faith that whatever was already out there was enough, and chose not to put any extra effort in that department. 

And it turns out? One of the pins took. 

Just one, but it was enough. The re-pins on that one blog post alone consistently bring in 1-2 subscribers to this blog every day, and this has been going on since December 2015. 

And when I tried emulating that exact pin to try and get more subscribes, AKA I was 'hustling' to try and recreate what had happened naturally with that first pin, I was a complete failure.

I haven't been able to get any viral re-pins on any Pinterest images for this blog since!

So I'm leaving my pins alone from here on out.

I will continue to create them for my blog posts, but I'm done trying to force them into being re-pinned. It just doesn't work out as beautifully.

The second example was back in February of this year.

I was in an accident with a motorcyclist. He was able to walk away from the accident alright, which I thank God for, but his later injuries at the hospital cost more than my insurance limit.

My insurance sent me a letter from the motorcyclist's lawyer telling me they were seeking the maximum that the insurance would pay for his medical bills, and any additional costs would have to come out of my pocket. 

These additional costs were around $30k. 

I was at a loss for what to do. I clearly didn't have $30k, I didn't have a lawyer to help me out, nor did I even know where to find one, and I didn't even have the funds to pay for one if I got one. 

I was so angry and could feel myself hating this situation with every fiber of my being. 

I started thinking of my options, of whether I could slowly pay off this $30k over years and years, of whether I should take out a loan, of whether I should reach out to my friends on Facebook to see if anyone knew a good lawyer, etc. 

But after all the ego maniac organizing and anger resided, I decided to take a step back.

There was nothing I could do right then because nothing was really being asked of me right then. It was merely the insurance's legal duty to let me know what the lawyer's intention was.

Nothing was being requested of me right at that moment. 

So I decided to call the insurance company to see what my options were, and when they didn't pick up their phone after multiple times, I sat back and decided to wait it out. 

Later that day, my insurance called to let me know they were going to pay for everything. 

I said "But what about my limit? I thought you guys would only pay for a certain amount of the damages?"

The agent said "Yes, so we'll need management approval on our side to pay for the rest of the damages. And we know we'll get this approved." 

Holy cow!

I later got an email saying the case was closed. 

I told you these stories to serve as small reminders that there's nothing you need to do. 

I guess I should rephrase that. 

Let these stories be a small reminder that you're always taken care of, and when you're in the energy of knowing this with all of your heart, there's nothing more that needs to be done. 

Now you might be thinking, well how can I still get the results I want if I sit back and do nothing? 

Well, notice the word 'get' in that sentence. You're not supposed to 'get' the results you want, you're supposed to be aware of them already at work. 

And I'm not suggesting you sit there and do nothing, although that sounds really nice.

Here's what I do: I rest, and I trust.

I do work, (this blog post certainly didn't write itself) but I also don't worry about the work that I do. 

I did worry, for a long time, but do it now because I enjoy it sharing the good. 

Because God gave me the gift of writing to serve the world, and make it a better place. 

And that is a gift I don't question. 

That is a gift I know has a purpose. And so do all of yours. 

How could you question this purpose? How could you force it to be this or that? 

If you're working on something you love, something you truly enjoy, that is the power of God working through you. You have that talent for a reason, how could it be squandered?

How could you NOT be a success at this point? Does God create junk?

There's nothing you have to hustle towards here, because you have already been given everything you need. 

If you're creating something you feel called to create, don't worry about whether or not someone is going to read it, buy it, or re-pin it. 

Create it, and let it serve the world in the way it's meant to. 

If you want to be a little better at letting your life play out in its own beautiful rhythm, remember the embryo comparison. 

Remember that there was nothing you needed to do to get here, and there's nothing you need to do to continue growing into who you are.

The good stuff will happen naturally, whether in career, relationships, or otherwise. It's tough to admit this, and to let go of our hold on how we want things to go, but remember: this might be interfering with something more beautiful that's trying to play out. 

Here's a great quote from the Course in Miracles to remember when you feel yourself trying to control, hustle, and direct the way you feel your life should go.

Especially if it hasn't been getting you the results you want!

As you step back, the light in you steps forward and encompasses the world.
— A Course in Miracles