How to Love Yourself When You're Sick (Plus a Bunch of Free Meditations That'll Help You Feel Better)

I'll be the first to admit that being sick sucks. Let's just get that out in the open before we dive in, because I haven't quite mastered the secret sauce to NOT being sick, but I've recently learned to come to grips with sickness as it happens in my own body, and how I recently learned to love myself through it. 

And I'm confident that you can too. 

Recognize negative thoughts and words

First off, we're in perfect control over our thoughts and words. Every thought we think, and every word we speak, is a choice, which leads to an entirely self-created world. 

When we're sick, negative words and thoughts abound. 

I hate my throat right now.

I feel like I'm dying. 

My f*cking nose won't stop running.

This is the WORST ever.

You might be lying in bed, throat on fire, eyes watering, nose so stuffed you're breathing only through your mouth. 

Your head aches from all the congestion. 

The area just above and behind your eyes pounds and your lips are chapped to hell. 

Every thought and word dances down a fiery spiral of negativity and hate. 

And since our body is merely a vessel responding to this negative fire spiral, it's just doing what it's told. 

For example: 

Mind: I hate my throat right now. 

Throat: Right back at ya, let's keep doing this fiery phlegm dance. 

Because when was the last time anyone said I love you after you told them that you hated them? (Tweet this!)

Before we can heal ourselves, we need to recognize all the negative things we think and feel about our bodies when we're sick, and take responsibility for the way our body reacts to them. 


As you're resting in bed recovering, gently steer the hate thoughts directed at your body to more loving thoughts. 

Mind: I feel your pain, thank you for telling me how you feel, I love you, and we can heal together.

Throat: Okay, let's do this xoxoxxoxo

Uncovering the reason for our sickness

Without playing the blame game, try to lovingly uncover the reason for your sickness. 

The reason this is important is because we need to wrap our heads around why we are out of alignment, because this has caused our sickness to begin with.  

Sickness is really just a call for attention from our bodies.

It's a bit like a little baby that cries when it needs to be fed, or when it falls on its face.

When it happens, you want to know what happened. Why is the baby upset? How can I fix it? 

Our bodies should be treated with the same love and attention we give to small children. (Tweet this!)

Just because you're an adult, doesn't mean you deserve any less love and affection.

If you're sick, look around at what's going on in your life and try and figure out the root of why it's happening so you can accept the reason that it's there. Once you've realized hey, I'm sick because I have a lot on my plate right now, it's much easier to sit with your sickness and say okay, I hear you, I know why we're going through this.

The last time I was sick, it was because I didn't speak up about something that caused me stress. I wasn't being open and honest about something that was bothering me in my personal life, and for that reason, my throat held a massive rally of fire and flame to let me know what was up. And it didn't hesitate to invite all of its friends (nose, sinuses, headache, etc). 

The great thing about this was, I recognized why the sickness was there when it showed up, and realized I was the reason for it, which made it easier to not be so upset about it being there in the first place. 


What's going on in your life right now? Meditate on the recent events in your life, acknowledging reasons that might have put your body out of alignment. Are you working too hard? Are you getting enough sleep? Is there someone in your life you don't know how to deal with? 

Figure this out so you can be more accepting of why your sickness is there in the first place.

Acknowledge the presence of sickness, and Be sick (so you can heal)

It sounds contradictory to tell yourself to be sick when you're sick, but I believe it's an important part of the healing process, because it involves acknowledgment. 

A lot of being sick is resisting being sick.

There's a lot of resistance to the pain we feel when we're sick. We take drugs to numb it all, and we knock ourselves out so we don't have to feel anything.  

But the whole reason we're sick is because we're resisting something that's trying to make itself seen and heard.

In some way, we aren't living and being our authentic selves, and it's showing up easily in our body. We have to understand that our sickness shows up to let us know something, to send us a message, and when we ignore or resist it's message, the pain gets worse.  

We have to acknowledge its presence, give it a kiss on the head and say thank you, I hear you. I'm glad you're here to let me know what's going on.

When I was sick back in December, I could feel my throat itching like mad while I lay in bed those first couple of nights. It was that feeling right when you know your sickness is about to start, and the first couple days feel awful. 

But I thought you know what, I'm tired of beating myself up and when has that ever worked? You can't beat something into healing.

I decided to settle down and tune in so I could hear my body's rally cry for attention. I envisioned myself inside my throat as a loving angel, listening, holding, and attending to every little pain, acknowledging its presence, and letting it know that I loved it anyway.

Amazingly enough, I was able to sleep. And I never really hit the point of needing to knock myself out with anything. 

It was like I was communicating with my body and we were both working together to feel better. 

It's a magical feeling to be able to actually feel and hear what your body is trying to tell you. 

I wanted to love it and tend to it. I wanted to rock it back and forth and tell it that it was loved no matter what. 

Hugging myself also helped, and stroking my own head the way maybe a grandma or a mother would do to her baby. 

We would get through this together. 


Just be sick already, so you can heal. Admit it. Sit with it. Feel it. Let your body run its natural course for healing.

If any resistance comes up, make room for it to sit down next to you. It's okay to have resistance, but let the overall feeling be I will listen to what my body is telling me, and I will let it do what it needs to feel better. We will feel better through feeling everything. 

Our bodies are doing the best they can.

Our bodies know what to do when we're sick, and one of the best things we can do is to create a loving environment for this to happen. 

Cherish yourself. Try to be unconditional when it comes to loving your body, and yourself. Your body deserves love even when it seems to be hurting you from all sides.

Think of pain as a notification. If we pay attention to our phone notifications, we can give a little attention to our bodies as well. (Tweet this!)

If the things above seem too big right now, I would start with some healing meditations to get you in the mindset of healing and loving your body. Meditation is especially helpful if you're currently sick and you don't feel like even attempting to listen to your body. 

It'll help you relax and get in tune with your body's messages without having to do too much on your part, and your body will love it.

To help you get started, I've compiled a sweet little bundle of healing meditations for you to listen to. I've listened to all of them, and I can personally vouch for feeling better because of them.  

Also, a good spiritual blogger friend of mine, Melissa Field, shared with me the idea of trying what's called the 'breath of fire' when you're sick. 

If you're not familiar with breath of fire, it's a rapid breathing technique in Kundalini yoga that creates heat in the body, and allows your mind to become clear so you can see what's going on with you. 

As you can imagine, this might be particularly cleansing when you're sick. Particularly if you're having trouble breathing! Check out Melissa's post on breath of fire here. She really knows her stuff, and recently used it to help her with a cold she was trying to get through.

And if you have any other healing meditations/techniques that you would suggest, please share them in the comments below so we can all benefit from them! 

And lastly, if you liked this post, I would love, love, love it if you could share it with someone who needs to hear it. Someone in your world could be feeling miserable right now, and I'd love for them to know that they can tap into that deep, loving part of themselves and feel better.

What are your thoughts on being sick? Have you tried this method of healing before?

Always rooting for you and your healing!