Tools For a Better Life: Yoga, Meditation, and Vegetables

25 minutes of meditation is my sweet spot. Every morning since last week I've been trying to get in the habit of listening to a 25 minute long morning meditation by Louise Hay. Any meditations I've done after that, need to be about 25 minutes for me to hit my 'chi'. I don't know what 'chi' is, but it's the moment when I feel like I'm good, like I'm complete, like whatever needed to be let go of, has been dissolved.
 Tools for a better life: yoga, meditation, and vegetables.

I heard those mentioned once in an interview for some podcast I was listening to. At the time I was a bit turned off by it because I wasn't a big fan of vegetables.

Now, I see what they can do.

Anxiety has been my miracle. It's taught me that certain foods make it worse, along with certain drinks. I don't think I would have gotten to the point of wanting to eat better, had I not experienced the anxiety that forced me to seek healing. I never knew how powerful vegetables were until I could feel them working in my body, lightening my mood, making me clear focused, and leaving me with a calm feeling of bliss and restfulness.

I don't know how I ever got through life without meditation and yoga though. There is peace for you there. All the cool kids are chilling in a blissful state of peace and relaxation. You don't have to live the way you're living. You don't have to hate the things you're hating. People are helpful, and life is loving. There's hope for us yet.

And it's free. It's so free. Our minds have the capability to think good thoughts over bad, any time we want. If tomorrow you decide you want to pretend like you're a baby, and everyone loves you, and you're soft and delicate and perfect...the world responds in amazing ways. Babies are pure love, and they are the easiest thing for my mind to understand when I think about pure love.

That and puppies. Oh my God PUPPIES. Or I guess anything baby. I had a dream about baby turtles last night, in my palm. I was trying to find them a water dish, but all I could find were bowls.

I read a Facebook status the other day that read "When was the last time you truly felt relaxed?"

I responded with "All week!"

And then I talked about yoga, meditation, and vegetables. Doing just one of those will help, but combining all three is like total bliss. I've gotten to the point where if I don't do a few minutes of yoga each day, I feel a little out of whack. Like my body needs it or something, like I can literally hear my body asking for a stretch, for a deep breath, a deep peace.

I don't do all that much. 20 minutes maybe, of Yoga with Adrienne. But it does the trick. And I'm getting stronger each day. And it's like a bodily form of meditation, to accompany your meditation. It's like taking care of your body, mind, and soul.

You don't need drugs, alcohol, or attention. From anyone. I feel this so deeply now, that I'm so confident in telling you that you don't need any of it. All you need is self-love, which leads to self-care (you deserve it), which leads to the most beautiful inner peace.

You've got to find what works for you. I can recommend a zillion meditations, but I'll admit I've done a zillion of them, and it took me a while to find one that really works for me. The one that really cleared out my energy and left me all zen a week ago was a morning meditation by Louise Hay. I listen to it via the Hay House Meditation podcast, but it's on You Tube in that link as well. (I think it's without ads midway, but not 100% sure).

It's like there's build up in the body that needs to be released. Toxic energy muck that you need to let move through you and out. If not it just gets clogged, and ends up as pain and disease in the body. And a lot of unhappiness.

All of it is free. Except for the vegetables. I'll admit, I drink a ton of vegetable juice and it's like $5 a bottle. At this point I'm not sure whether it's cheaper to keep buying $5/bottle or spend a bunch of money on a juicer and buy veggies every week. Who knows.

Either way, I wanted to share with you this free and easy peace...have a loving weekend!