The Power of Hay House Radio + 33 Of My All-Time Favorite Hay House Quotes

All problems are gifts, and all healing begins from within. 

But life didn't teach me that, Hay House radio did. 

Hay House radio is online radio for the soul, and I stumbled upon it in a magical way, as though some divine order had sequenced the exact steps I was meant to take before stumbling upon it. 

It started one Monday in the shower. 

A song came on my Spotify called "I Am Light" by India Arie. This was a song Wayne Dyer mentioned at the I Can Do It conference in Pasadena earlier this year, and while I didn't realize it yet, hearing this song and remembering the conference was my first gift.

From here, I decided that I was going to search Spotify when I got out of the shower, to see if any of Wayne Dyer's meditations were on there, so that I could meditate without having to use my computer or car to listen to his CD.

They were. That was my second gift.

I listened to some of his meditations on the way to work and felt really good. Later during my lunch hour, I noticed on Twitter that Wayne Dyer tweeted that he was going to be taking questions on Hay House radio in that hour. I thought, wow, crazy, I was JUST listening to him.

That was my third gift.

Listening to him take people's calls and help them with their woes made me feel so much better about a lot of things, as per usual, and for some odd reason I decided to keep Hay House radio on in the background while I worked, instead of music.

At this time, I knew nothing about Hay House Radio. I figured after Wayne Dyer was done with his show, that it would be some sort of NPR news-style radio, and I was about to turn it off. But then the next segment was an hour of 'coach on call' with a woman named Cheryl Richardson, who I'd never heard of until that day.

Little did I know, Cheryl Richardson was my fourth gift, because I learned the following from her show when she discussed anxiety:

Anxiety is a messenger asking to be heard. Listen to it. Hold it with compassion and love and let it speak to you. That anxious part of our minds is begging for our attention. It grows when we don't pay attention to it. Give voice to the parts of your head that want to be heard. 

At this point, I thought I was done getting gifts for the day, because I was already feeling so uplifted by everything I was hearing.

That's when I decided to continue listening to the next radio show, where a guy came on and interviewed Anita Moorjani.

Anita Moorjani was introduced to me by Wayne Dyer when I went to see him at that same conference, and my stepmom ended up buying me her book that night. Her story is so powerful, I can't even describe to you what I felt when I realized that she was being interviewed on the very same day that I just happened to be listening to Hay House Radio.

If you're not familiar with her, here's a quick rundown of her story: she had cancer, went into a coma, went to heaven, came back to life, and healed her cancer within 5 weeks.

Because you know, the power to heal yourself and all of that jazz.

I say it lightheartedly, but this was a very profound turning point for me.

There was too much magic going on in front of me and in my ear drums with this radio show for me to ignore. 

Since this magical day, sometime in early 2015, Hay House radio has been my rock. I've listened to it for days and days straight since, listening to all the different shows, and jotting down everything the healers, mediums, and spiritual life coaches have to teach me. 

I can personally say Hay House saved me from myself when I was at my lowest. 

I've felt more powerful and less overcome with fear and anxiety. I've felt so much more relaxed. The illusions in my head are still there, but I'm learning that it's okay to let them be there.

Just because you're anxious doesn't mean you're in danger. 

Or as Jim Carey says: learn the difference between the dog that is going to eat you in your head, and an actual dog that is going to eat you. 

If you haven't yet listened to Hay House Radio, you can listen any time for free on Check out some of the shows and see which host speaks to you the most. Sometimes you'll find one that clicks for you, and before you know it, tears are streaming down your face because their words ring so true.

Dr. Robert Holden was that person for me. 

I found him through Hay House Radio and I've been addicted to everything he's ever spoken or published since.

He's a British psychologist, but I would also deem him a self-love-ologist, if I'm being perfectly candid.

He's taught me everything I've ever wanted to know about self-love, and I can safely say if it weren't for him and Hay House Radio, you wouldn't be reading these words on this blog today. 

Through Hay House I've come to accept myself and my worth. 

I've learned to let myself feel everything.

I've learned to forgive even the most hated of people. 

I've learned that every problem in my life is the sweetest gift, and that God resides wholly within me, as me

I know I'm not alone in this. Millions of people all over the world listen to Hay House, and absorb their books with fascination and love, because it connects you with your true self, it teaches you not to be afraid, and above all, to love your majestically beautiful self. 

(That's my all-time favorite part!)

In case you don't have time to listen to Hay House today, I thought I'd share with you 33 of my all-time favorite Hay House quotes from the various shows over the past 8 months or so.

You literally can't NOT take notes during these shows when they're on, there's just far too much magical good happening to store it all in your brain forever!

You can grab all of my favorite, most moving Hay House quotes below. Let me know how you implement them into your spiritual and self-love practices! 

Grab 33 of my favorite Hay-House quotes below!

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