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I'm absolutely loving my Morning Happy Hour subscription...such a great way to start my day by remembering to love myself so I'm better focused to be a source of love to others.

- Lynne, CA

Monique's morning happy hour supplants your "it's 5pm somewhere blues" -- a healthier go-to, a boost of love that keeps you buzzing all day with positive energy. Let her love notes nudge you to confront and embrace all the beauty that you already are!

-Jax, CA


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My name is Monique Muro, and my purpose on this earth is to spread love. I've gone through so many ups and downs, to finally settle upon a cruising altitude of love, love, love. 

It is my number one life's passion to spread love to women who desperately need it. So much of life today consists of jealousy, competition, and meanness. But none of that stuff is worthy of us! Life is beautiful enough already to live without it. 

I've been a blogger since 2011, but my blogging perspective was radically transformed after listening to a podcast interview featuring Mariah Coz. She empowered me to take my blog seriously, and is the reason why I ditched my old (but beloved) blog, and started this site in September of 2015, to focus purely on self-love, and spreading love! 




Who is the Morning Happy Hour for? 

The Morning Happy Hour is for anyone struggling with self-love.The Morning Happy Hour is for women of all ages looking to add more love to their days, anyone looking to wake up happy.

Who are the Morning Happy Hour love notes from

The Morning Happy Hour love notes are from love, they are love's note to you!

Why is self-love so hard? 

Because we don't believe it. If there's no one around telling us they love us, we just don't think we are love-able. But the truth is we are love, and we don't need anyone to validate that for us. 

But even when someone tells us this, it's still unbelievable, because for years we've been tricked into believing that the physical world is our only reality, and that when a physical person isn't standing in front of us confirming our lovability, we feel like nobody loves us. 

In my experience, it takes a consistent, daily self-love practice to help us rediscover the inherent love that is already inside of us. It is so there. The more we repeat something in our lives, the more it becomes true for us. Let that repetition be love. 

Can't I just develop my own self-love practice? 

Absolutely and I encourage it. But in my experience, in the beginning, it's hard, and it feels like you still need some kind of outside validation, because it's what we're used to. 

Before I started loving myself, I absolutely knew I wanted to, but let's face it, if you haven't felt like you deserved love in years, it's not easy to just decide to start loving yourself. 

For me, I needed God to show me signs throughout the day that I was loved. In the beginning, I needed someone, or something, to consistently remind me that I was loved, until I could believe it for myself without a doubt, and that's exactly why I created the Morning Happy Hour - to light up mornings for women who need to hear it when they just can't believe it for themselves.

What happens after I buy these love notes? 

The love will start arriving in your inbox tomorrow morning! The college student love notes package will start March 1st, 2016 (available for pre-order)!


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