Fear is A False God


Ever notice how the angrier you get, the harder things get?

I started yesterday with an angry mentality.

Then I went out to lunch, had two glasses of wine, and while the buzz was nice, I slammed back to reality with an even angrier mentality. 

I wrote for about 30 minutes but couldn't snap myself out of it. 

Things just spiraled from there. 

I bought an e-book I ended up being unhappy with. 

I tried to implement some of the things in the e-book and ended up getting locked out of an account I needed to work in. 

I ended up getting snippy with my boyfriend soon after, and leaving our apartment for the solace of a coffee shop where I was also annoyed (especially at the fact that I'd forgotten a pen - hah!). 

All of it made me realize that the angrier you get, the worse things get around you. 

Because the angrier I got, the more things stopped working, including technology. 

I was not in alignment with love.

I was FAR outside of it in fact. Like out in the badlands somewhere, where the only thing I even COULD realize was that the angrier I got, the worse things got. 

I decided to stand up and pick my accountability up off the floor. 

Sometimes you just have to realize that your thoughts and mentality are responsible for everything. Click to tweet.

The universe was truly only responding to what I was telling it: this is bad, this is bad, this is bad.

And who could I blame but myself?

I truly had been pledging to fear that entire time.

Fear that I was messy, disorganized, incapable of carving out a decent system for my many online projects.

Fear that I would never get to where I wanted to be because time was running out and I was not working fast enough OR hard enough. 

The funny thing is, once you realize you are living in fear, pledging to fear, and treating it like a god, you're able to see through it a little bit. Because you're able to step away from it.

It's a bit like a gauze that was once really thick around your eyes but is now a little transparent.

I started to breathe a little easier, knowing that before I had been pledging to a false god.

I was more able to come out of my loveless, downward spiral by seeing the fear for what it was, and calling it by its name.  

I decided to forgive myself, and let God know I wanted to try again. And He always lets us try again. He holds a giant, forever reset button for us to push any time we need to reset, to realign. 

And I'm not going to lie, I felt better. 

It was hard at the start of course, because when you're in that loveless spiral, you do everything you can to stay there because it feels good somehow, even though it feels bad.

But now, writing this dispatch to you guys, with the big 'Return to Love' logo at the top, in addition to everything else...well it's returned me to love. 

And it's my hope that this dispatch will help pull you out of whatever funk you're currently in, or might be in down the line. 

My best advice would be to recognize that there are only two true emotions in this world: fear and love. Everything outside of it leads back to it in some form or another. 

So if you're ever upset, try asking yourself what you're afraid of.

And start noticing that you're praying to a false god.

You'll start to see how unforgiving it is, how false, how completely relentless and determined it is in turning you into a psychotic person with no respect for anything or anyone.

And that is not your true self. That is something you can choose not to do at any time, and the universe will respond lovingly. 

It reminds me of a quote by Marianne Williamson: "Pain is the ego's peak experience." 

Don't let the false god win.

Sending you more love than you can handle, 

On Being a New Mom: It's Not As Easy As It Looks

The following is a beautifully written guest post by Alexis Meads of AlexisMeads.com

A few weeks after giving birth to Kai, an acquaintance of mine had a baby and posted on Facebook “every day feels like Christmas morning” in regards to life with a newborn.

My heart sank.

In essence, I was not feeling like every day was Christmas morning. Far from it. I was feeling a range of emotions from overwhelming love and gratitude, to total despondency and doubt.

Questions started going through my head like,

“Is this how I’m supposed to be feeling?”
“Why does everyone else seem so happy?”
“I feel guilty that I even feel this way.”

Later I found out that she, too, had total meltdown days. I’ll talk more in a future post of what life with a baby is really like!

Fast forward a few weeks and I received an email from a good friend who said he was feeling stuck, and that it was hard to look at social media and feel like everyone around him was getting married, or having babies, or going on life-changing trips.

That’s why this post needs to be written. Because it is not as easy as it looks.

You may have seen me post on Facebook and Instagram some of the below pictures, showing me happy, made-up and smiling surrounded by love. Those moments totally exist and are awesome.

The things I didn’t post:

The days that I didn’t have time to put on grown-up clothes. Or piling up laundry that needed to get done. Or me and Peter getting in a fight because we both thought the other was going to pick up dinner.

Why didn’t I post them?

Because that would be kind of weird. And they’re not the moments I want to focus on in my life.

Social media is a reel of highlights of people’s lives. They’re the moments we enjoy sharing with others and projections of who we are as well as who we wish to be.

It can be connecting, but it can also be isolating. Especially when we use comparison as a measuring stick of how our lives, relationships, and jobs should look.

But there is connection in those feelings, too. Because we are all human. We have ebbs and flows. We have off days, weeks or even months. We get to experience the range of emotion that is available to us.

The trick is to realize that you are never stuck because everything is always changing. That can feel a wee bit scary, but it can also be incredibly liberating. If we’ve gotten into the same thought patterns or habits over time, such as, “Everyone is always in a happy relationship but me” we can begin to think that is who we are.

So remember that there is constant flow and change — that you can move forward. And that no one’s life is always as easy as it may appear.

One thing I love that has been proven to make us happier, especially if we’re feeling stuck, is to embrace an “ikigai” which roughly translates to “the reason you get up in the morning”.

In Dan Buettner’s study of Blue Zones, he explores the lessons for living longer from areas of the world where people live the longest. Okinawa is one of these places, and the older generation of people can all tell you their purpose and reason they get up in the morning. One woman who is 101 years old said her “ikigai” is to hold her great great great granddaughter every day. When asked what it’s like to hold her, she smiled and replied, “it’s like leaping into heaven.”

For months I was feeling stuck, knowing I couldn’t move back into my old life but unsure how to forward into my new one. Right now my purpose is seeing my baby smile at me when I get him out of his crib (nothing lights me up more!), slowly training for a triathlon and being of service to others.

So if your feeling stuck, think of what is your ikigai, no matter how small it may seem.

Know that things are always in the flow and start to notice how you are a part of that. And use social media as an awesome tool to connect! But if you notice it’s making you feel kind of icky, take a break for a bit, it’s okay.



Alexis Meads is a Harvard educated Personal Life Coach and founder of AlexisMeads.com and Crazy Wild Love Academy. She's well-known as the coach to hire when you want to improve your confidence, get clarity around next steps, and create a more fulfilling life. She's helped hundreds of women succeed and is a regular columnist for Huffington Post and Maria Shriver.

Get your FREE copy of her guide: 5 Simple Steps to Put Your Life Back in Balance


10 Morning Self-Love Practices You Can Easily Start Tomorrow

Thousands if not millions of people use the power of the morning to set themselves in alignment for the rest of the day. 

In my opinion, if you're not starting your day with some kind of release from yesterday, it's adding a layer of dust to the beauty of today.

Today I'm sharing with you 10 morning self-love practices to help prep you for the every-day. 

The every-day eye rolls.

The every-day self-judgement. 

The every-day little hates. 

I think you'll find that after just a week of devoting yourself to a small but daily morning self-love practice, the little eye rolls and daily hates don't matter as much.

People can say or do whatever they want to you, but if you start your days with a morning self-love practice, you'll always have that back-up happy to remind you of who you really are. 

(Back-up happy - I like that!)

So since morning self-love practices are a bit of a hassle to start with, I crafted 10 self-love practices below for you to try on, starting tomorrow morning. 

This isn't just an individualized list of '1. meditate, 2. stretch', this is an actual list of practices that combine different acts of self-care.

Each practice has 2-3 acts of self-care involved, giving you a more rounded, and full-bodied practice.

(Rounded and full-bodied...hmmm, sounds like I need some coffee). :D

1. Read one lesson from the Course in Miracles + meditate for 5 minutes using the Insight Timer app.

2. Wake up to Yoga instead of your alarm clock. Use an app like Yoga Wake Up to transition peacefully from sleep to waking to stretching. Once done, sip some warm lemon water and look at your agenda for the day.

3. Drink a large glass of water, and settle in to 15­-30 minutes of meditation from the Insight Timer app.

4. Make a warm cup of tea or water with lemon, and take 15 minutes to read poetry by Rumi or Mary Oliver (or any of your favorite poets!).

5. Do a 5 minute meditation with the Insight Timer, drink some water, and do a 20 minute yoga session with Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

6. Light a candle, make a warm cup of tea or lemon water, and write three pages in your journal, doesn't matter what it says! (I like to write out my dreams...).

7. Light a candle, turn on some soft music, and cook a nice breakfast for yourself and focus only on the food, feel it nourishing and loving your body.

8. Pick a mantra to meditate to with some soft music from the Insight Timer app. Repeat the mantra throughout the day so you don’t forget.

9. After your morning shower, massage your body with your favorite lotion, while thinking loving thoughts towards your body and yourself. I like to recite passages from the Course in Miracles sometimes while doing this, but repeating a mantra also works!

10. Wake up to the Sleep Cycle app, and let your first thoughts before getting out of bed be in prayer or gratitude. I use a great prayer sometimes from the Course in Miracles in the morning that asks the Holy Spirit, "What would you have me do, where would you have me go, what would you have me say, and to whom?" It takes the pressure off of having to do everything yourself for the rest of the day. It's better to just be led! 

I guarantee, you need this. Daily self-love practices make all the difference in your life, and everyone else's. 

Sending you all the love in the world,

Love is The Best Solution for Whatever You're Going Through + A Free Audio Download to Help You Out

Everything that is not love is a call for love.

I crossed the street Sunday night to my car after leaving a family gathering, and my stomach was in knots.

I'd had a really eventful weekend, filled with great friends and family, but the exhaustion had taken its toll.

I felt nervous for no reason, anxious, and nauseous. 

My ego took advantage of this by showing me a mental photo reel of the events I took part in the past couple of days: 

Drinking. Dancing. Driving long distances. Eating pretty poorly and getting little sleep. 

But deep down in my heart, I knew that the feelings I was having were not anything to judge or feel ashamed of.

They were notifications to love more. 

The Course in Miracles teaches us that anything that is not love is a call for love.

My nausea was a signal that I needed to love my body more by feeding it foods that were more nutritious.

My anxiety and exhaustion were signals that my body needed rest, and more sleep. 

All I needed was more love. Simple.

Sure I could have scolded myself and thought of a zillion different ways to criticize regret the things I did, but why complicate things? 

I jumped into my car that night and believed with all of my heart that love was the simplest and most appropriate answer to what I was feeling. 

All I needed to do was identify what needed more loving, and things would fall back to peace. 

That night I drove home with less anxiety than I had in awhile, because the answer to my pain and discomfort was so simple.

I came home and dutifully wrote out this post without putting too much pressure on myself to write something amazing. 

I intend to get enough sleep tonight, and make sure to start the week off with food that is healing and nutritious for my body. 

And none of it feels like pressure. Eating healthier and getting rest doesn't feel like something I "should" be doing, but instead it feels like something I'm called to do by love, who always has my best interests at heart.

It's too easy to hate myself for having a busy weekend, for drinking in the heat, for dancing myself silly and suffering the consequences of it the next day. 

It feels better to turn to love, and to let that solve everything.

It feels like the most obvious answer.

And you'll always know it when you ask yourself in a time of discomfort, what needs more love here? 

Your body will definitely tell you, as well as your heart.

If you need guidance on what needs more love in your life, check out the guided meditation I created below.

It works best on those days when you can't figure out what needs more love, but you know love is the answer.

In my opinion, love solves everything. In any situation that sucks.

I find that even when I'm upset with someone, sending them love and praying for their safety and happiness decreases my anger significantly. 

Even if you don't agree with them, sending love can't make the situation any worse. It can only help.

And don't you want to feel better? 

Isn't it horrible letting the things you don't like about other people or yourself sit festering in your body? 

Send both them and yourself love so you can feel better and move on.

We're the only ones suffering otherwise.

Of course, I can go on for days telling you that the answer to all horrible situations is love, but it's hard to understand it unless you're implementing it into your daily life and personal situations. 

Check out the meditation below to get a bit of clarity on what you can love more in your life, so that you're not sitting around stabbing yourself to death with harsh words of criticism and judgement. 

Those things just aren't worthy of you.

This Day Blooms For You

Every once in awhile it will dawn on me that I wasn’t put here to suffer.

I’ll be driving to work judging myself for not being more organized, for leaving the bedroom messy, for not having enough money, and then it will dawn on me that that isn’t the way we’re supposed to live our lives.

I don’t think we’re supposed to live with constant worry, self-judgment, and fear masking itself in a thousand different ways.

I’ll look at the sun, feel its perfect warmth, its whispers of unconditional love, and know.

I’ll look at trees, and the way their whole purpose is to provide shade for all who need it, and feel a love that gives completely without receiving anything in return.

And I'll know.

I'll know that our existence is more important than whether or not we have enough money.  

It’s more than just a career, a wedding, and a baby before 35.

A cheetah in the wild doesn’t worry about being a better cheetah, it just acts like a cheetah, and after it dies, no one can say it didn’t fulfill its purpose.

We are far more loved than we realize when we’re thinking we don’t have what we need, and letting what we don't have define our whole lives.

Because when we do that, we miss out on the beauty that is actually our whole life.

That reminds me of something Robert Holden says about whether we’re starring in our own lives or if we’re just playing an extra, letting someone else or some thing else take the lead.

You are the leading role in your life, and the entire audience that is the universe loves you for it.

But we forget this sometimes because the birds can’t talk.

The little green beetles on the ground can’t tell us they’re friendly.

Love speaks in action over words sometimes, and the trees just sway in the wind.

It’s up to us to see the world for the beauty that it is, and to see ourselves for who we are.

We weren’t put here to suffer.

We were put here to play a beautiful part in the live action film that is this beautiful life, to live happily, and to know that ‘happy’ doesn’t depend on anything.

We deserve happy and we deserve love.

There’s no terms and conditions for our existence. (Click to tweet)

It requires no action on our part to be loved.

It is our natural birthright as residents of this earth. If trees can sway and flowers can be born smelling naturally beautiful, why would our existence be any less important?

Why should we stress while the birds sing?

The Course in Miracles describes self-abuse as ‘death’.

Any form of anxiety, worry, or anything else that strays from love is ‘death’, and something we have created to keep ourselves fearful and in pain, where it is not required.

So I’m going to steal a line from Game of Thrones here and say:

“You know what I say to death? Not today.”

Today is too beautiful for suffering. It's a day that blooms for you. 

Here's What Happens When You Stop Trying to 'Make It Happen'

When you stop trying to 'make it happen', is when everything starts to happen. 

I've always been fond of Marianne Williamson's comparison of our life's ambition to the ambition of an embryo. 

The embryo doesn't have to do a thing to become a baby. It just becomes a baby on its own. It develops lungs, a heart, blood vessels, and a thinking brain. 

No one writes blog posts about how babies can learn to develop better brains in the womb. (Thank God).

The miracle of life already knows what to do, and we let it have that process.

We don't force embryos to try and develop faster or better than other embryos. 

We instruct mothers to rest, and let the babies develop.

Yet as soon as we're born, it's a race to develop. It's "learn to walk before the age of 1" and "be potty trained as quickly as possible". 

The idea of letting things occur naturally takes a backseat to our own agendas of forcing things into submission.   

And later of course it's, we must make six figures before we turn 30

We must reach our goal of 500 subscribes before the end of August

Sometimes I wonder what it is we're doing when we make these kinds of goals. 

Or more often, I wonder what it is we're interfering with. 

If we were capable of going from small, alien-looking peas to full-size, healthy babies, without any input or direction from ourselves, something more is at work here. 

Something beautiful, and in our favor. 

So here's what I believe when it comes to 'the hustle', in work or wherever else.

When it comes to 'making things happen', remember this:


You only 'get' when you are in the energy of receiving. And you can only be in the energy of receiving, when you are not trying to 'get' anything. 

Rest, and let things happen.

I know that can be a hard pill to swallow, since everything you've ever been taught tells you otherwise.

But seriously, the 'trying to get get get' only makes things worse. It puts you in a position of trying to control what already runs perfectly on auto-pilot. 

And when you're trying to 'get get get', it's like you're admitting you don't 'have have have'.

It's like you're living in a constant state of admitting you have nothing, and the universe will prove you right about this opinion of yourself every chance it gets. 

It's only when you stop trying 'make things happen', that everything happens.

I'll give you two quick examples of what happened to me when I did this: one in my 'hustle' life, and one in my personal life. 

Here's what happened when I took a step back from the 'hustle' that comes with blogging every week, creating new products, and building relationships with other bloggers. 

I got a crap ton of new subscribers every day.

Granted, I did put some work into this.

Taking a step back from the hustle doesn't mean you sit there and do nothing.

It means you do the work you love, and that you know the work you're doing is valuable and of service to the world.

It means you wholeheartedly believe that the right avenues will open up at the right times, for the right people.

So here's what got me a crap ton of subscribers. 

I created 3-5 pins on Pinterest for each of my blog posts, just like I do every week. 

At first, I tried so hard to get people to pin my pins.

I signed up with Tailwind to set my pins on auto-pilot, and scheduled them to run at the times the software suggested were the 'best' pinning times. 

And what happened? Nothing. I got a couple re-pins here and there but overall nothing. 

So I took a step back for awhile.

I wasn't going to bend over backwards trying to understand Pinterest, so I had faith that whatever was already out there was enough, and chose not to put any extra effort in that department. 

And it turns out? One of the pins took. 

Just one, but it was enough. The re-pins on that one blog post alone consistently bring in 1-2 subscribers to this blog every day, and this has been going on since December 2015. 

And when I tried emulating that exact pin to try and get more subscribes, AKA I was 'hustling' to try and recreate what had happened naturally with that first pin, I was a complete failure.

I haven't been able to get any viral re-pins on any Pinterest images for this blog since!

So I'm leaving my pins alone from here on out.

I will continue to create them for my blog posts, but I'm done trying to force them into being re-pinned. It just doesn't work out as beautifully.

The second example was back in February of this year.

I was in an accident with a motorcyclist. He was able to walk away from the accident alright, which I thank God for, but his later injuries at the hospital cost more than my insurance limit.

My insurance sent me a letter from the motorcyclist's lawyer telling me they were seeking the maximum that the insurance would pay for his medical bills, and any additional costs would have to come out of my pocket. 

These additional costs were around $30k. 

I was at a loss for what to do. I clearly didn't have $30k, I didn't have a lawyer to help me out, nor did I even know where to find one, and I didn't even have the funds to pay for one if I got one. 

I was so angry and could feel myself hating this situation with every fiber of my being. 

I started thinking of my options, of whether I could slowly pay off this $30k over years and years, of whether I should take out a loan, of whether I should reach out to my friends on Facebook to see if anyone knew a good lawyer, etc. 

But after all the ego maniac organizing and anger resided, I decided to take a step back.

There was nothing I could do right then because nothing was really being asked of me right then. It was merely the insurance's legal duty to let me know what the lawyer's intention was.

Nothing was being requested of me right at that moment. 

So I decided to call the insurance company to see what my options were, and when they didn't pick up their phone after multiple times, I sat back and decided to wait it out. 

Later that day, my insurance called to let me know they were going to pay for everything. 

I said "But what about my limit? I thought you guys would only pay for a certain amount of the damages?"

The agent said "Yes, so we'll need management approval on our side to pay for the rest of the damages. And we know we'll get this approved." 

Holy cow!

I later got an email saying the case was closed. 

I told you these stories to serve as small reminders that there's nothing you need to do. 

I guess I should rephrase that. 

Let these stories be a small reminder that you're always taken care of, and when you're in the energy of knowing this with all of your heart, there's nothing more that needs to be done. 

Now you might be thinking, well how can I still get the results I want if I sit back and do nothing? 

Well, notice the word 'get' in that sentence. You're not supposed to 'get' the results you want, you're supposed to be aware of them already at work. 

And I'm not suggesting you sit there and do nothing, although that sounds really nice.

Here's what I do: I rest, and I trust.

I do work, (this blog post certainly didn't write itself) but I also don't worry about the work that I do. 

I did worry, for a long time, but do it now because I enjoy it sharing the good. 

Because God gave me the gift of writing to serve the world, and make it a better place. 

And that is a gift I don't question. 

That is a gift I know has a purpose. And so do all of yours. 

How could you question this purpose? How could you force it to be this or that? 

If you're working on something you love, something you truly enjoy, that is the power of God working through you. You have that talent for a reason, how could it be squandered?

How could you NOT be a success at this point? Does God create junk?

There's nothing you have to hustle towards here, because you have already been given everything you need. 

If you're creating something you feel called to create, don't worry about whether or not someone is going to read it, buy it, or re-pin it. 

Create it, and let it serve the world the way it's meant to. 

If you want to be a little better at letting your life play out in its own beautiful rhythm, remember the embryo comparison. 

Remember that there was nothing you needed to do to get here, and there's nothing you need to do to continue growing into who you are.

The good stuff will happen naturally, whether in career, relationships, or otherwise. It's tough to admit this, and to let go of our hold on how we want things to go, but remember: this might be interfering with something more beautiful that's trying to play out. 

Here's a great quote from the Course in Miracles to remember when you feel yourself trying to control, hustle, and direct the way you feel your life should go.

Especially if it hasn't been getting you the results you want!

As you step back, the light in you steps forward and encompasses the world.
— A Course in Miracles

Pledging Allegiance to Fear? Here's How to Picture Your Life Without It (Free Guided Visualization)

About six months ago I was crying on my bathroom floor in frustration over how long it's taken me to heal from my driving anxiety. 

I asked God why he hadn't taken the pain away yet, and his response was "Because you won't give it to me." 

Fair enough. 

I then of course said "Well, I can't let go of it." 

And naturally he said, "Why, because you'll feel better?" 


My driving anxiety very much stems from my pledging allegiance to the pain of the past. 

It's as though I've taken some holy vow without my consent, to always be afraid when I get behind the wheel. 

It got me thinking.

Often without realizing it, we are the ones holding onto everything we wish would go away.

Because of course we can let things go.

Of course we can move on at any time. We have free will.

But we don't.

We've gotten used to having fears and anxieties. To be without them feels...odd. It doesn't feel natural when they've been with us for so long.

Marianne Williamson says something about this in her book A Return to Love, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

And I feel that to be true.

And maybe that's why I'm having trouble moving on from the pain of the past. Maybe some part of me always want to have it with me.

Because maybe there's fear in having nothing to complain about. In being happy.


It's times like these when I realize it's all about taking accountability for what's going on in our lives. 

We have these mental dramas, but we're the ones putting the gun to our heads, pledging allegiance to the very pain we wish would go away.

(If you feel like chilling out to this idea, listen to this Flume song. It came on right as I was having these thoughts in the car...).  

So where do we go from here? 

If we're willing to admit to ourselves that yes, fine, ok. We are the ones keeping ourselves in a state of unrest. How do we release ourselves?

Well, forgiveness is a good first step, and accountability is another one.

We try and figure out what fears and anxieties we don't want in our lives, and then we try and see what parts of ourselves are responsible for holding onto them and why.

We try our best to get a glimpse of what our lives would look like without our mental dramas, because that's the incentive to let go of it!

Robert Holden does this great practice on his Hay House Radio show where he asks callers to finish the sentence of who they would be without their fear, guilt, or anxiety. 

He says something like, "Without my fear of X, I would be..." about 5-10 times, asking the caller to finish the sentence.

I find this practice really helpful to clearly see what kind of peace I'm keeping myself from experiencing, and recognizing very clearly that I am the one keeping myself from experiencing it

When I practice this, it sounds something like this: 

Without my fear of driving, I would be more comfortable on the road. 

Without my fear of driving, I would be able to drive wherever I wanted.

Without my fear of driving, I would be at peace in the car. 

Without my fear of driving, I would be like I used to be in the car.

Without my fear of driving, I would be FREE of my biggest anxiety.

And all of that is exactly what I want. All of that is being held hostage by this very intense fear of getting into a car accident.

But at the end of the day, I am the one holding myself hostage, so I must also be the negotiator as well.

This practice helps you clearly see what you're missing out on when you choose fear and anxiety over love. 

It puts things in a bit of perspective. 

If you want to try out this visualization, I've created a free audio for you to download below, that goes through this same step-by-step process of visualizing who you would be without your fear. 

Try it out once a day or so and see how you feel. It puts you in just the right energy to experience what it would be like to go through your day without your biggest fears and anxieties fogging up your vision.

But I also understand too that some emotions need to fester with us for awhile. 

They need a dark breeding ground to help you feel the experience of human emotion, loss, and heart ache.

They need to sit with you a bit until you realize holding onto them is doing you more harm than good, and they're keeping you from fully experiencing your life.    

Wherever you're at in your healing process, know this: 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

You won't always be calm, confident, and free. There will be lows and setbacks in the healing process, which are natural and necessary.

But so long as you understand you are the one who gets to define what you believe in and pledge allegiance to, it helps you feel less like you are being attacked by some unseen force without your consent. 

What are you pledging allegiance to? Is there anything in your life you've been clinging onto far too long? 

Would love to hear from you,

Feeling Anxious? Here Are 5 Books To Ease Your Anxiety This Summer

I've used a combination of spirituality and science to help me ease my anxiety over the years.

I started out not knowing what anxiety was or what was happening to me. Slowly though, over a matter of long, scary months, I started to piece things together from books that helped me understand what I was experiencing, and eventually they helped me love myself through it. 

I know anxiety is hard. 

And I know fear can take complete control of your life to the point where you feel like you don't even know yourself anymore. 

But you're not alone, and it's only temporary.

I truly believe these books can help you piece out a few tools and practices to add to your own anxiety toolkit, and help you ease your anxiety when it feels like it's clawing at you from all sides, and ruling your life. 

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

I've never read anything in the self-development genre that literally made sense to me on every single level.

Marianne Williamson helped me understand forgiveness, and she allowed me to see that the only thing that exists from my past is love.

For example, I was in a car accident on the highway in 2013. All I could think about from that night was the car that swerved in front of me. 

Over and over and over. 

Every time I was in a car, every time I would pass someone on the road, I was afraid they would swerve out in front of me.

It was like that wound just kept replaying in my head over and over, and I couldn't stop reliving my past every time I got on the highway. 

I'd heard a lot about forgiveness before but I never understood it until I read A Return to Love.

Marianne taught me forgiveness in this book.

She taught me that the only thing that exists from the past is the love we gave in the situation, and the love we received. 

Understanding this is paramount to healing any past traumas or anxieties, because we often hold onto so much stuff that's happened to us over the years, we're afraid to simply let go of it and be healed. 

Look into Marianne, she can help you. 

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

This book taught me to love myself through and through.

I listened to the audiobook, and Louise Hay's voice just soothed me to the core, reminding me that the universe loved me, that there was never anything to be ashamed of, and that we are responsible for all of our ailments. 

She is a bit like a loving grandmother you never had. (Although I'm happy to share that I have many).

Every time she says anything, you just feel like a young child being loved and accepted for who you are and everything you've ever done.

This book is perfect for when you truly hate yourself, or if you suffer with so much daily anxiety and fear that it keeps you from living your life.

Of if you like to blame a lot of people for your problems, which is easy to do.

She reminds us that we are loved and powerful, and that loving life will only add more love to it.

Which was tough for me to swallow at first, because I always grew up thinking I was dumb and that life didn't like me at all. 

I never thought life was supposed to be enjoyed. I thought sometimes good things happened and more often than not, life was shitty. 

Louise's You Can Heal Your Life really opened up a soft spot in my heart for life.

She reminded me that it was actually on my side, and this opened me up to being less fearful it.

A Course in Miracles (Free guide to get started here)

The Course in Miracles is a spiritual psychology text that uses traditional Christian language to train your mind to go from fear to love.

It's not a religion, it's a practice. A thought system.

I'd call it a returning to God (love) for the times when you can't find any physical idols on this planet to turn to (they're all temporary and will never completely fulfill us). 

God is the only constant. And he is truly the only comfort.

Read the daily lessons in the Course in Miracles to find true inner peace.

If you've never heard of the Course and want to get started, I've created a quick start guide for you here >> 

Anxiety Free: Unravel Your Fears Before They Unravel You By Robert L. Leahy

This is anxiety from a clinical perspective, but I really enjoyed it because it helped me learn what anxiety is and how it works.

It's something that was useful to our ancestors but not so much now. And because we aren't actually being attacked by a physical predator when we're having a panic attack, our brain is still living in the past and thinks that we are, making this all very confusing to us in the here and now. 

But the book has some wonderful ideas about how to cope with anxiety, and not just that - he also talks about trauma, OCD, and chronic worrying.

Leahy lists specific coping mechanisms that help you very seriously get to the heart of your fears, and learn to work better with them.

He helped me see that my imagined fear of getting seriously injured every time I was in a car was akin to being afraid of being bitten by a tiger every time you were shown a picture of a tiger.

Insane, right? 

If you have any of those symptoms, or if you just have anxiety in general, give this book a read. It will comfort you to know what's really going on is not madness, and you're not the only sufferer. 

Life Loves You by Louise Hay and Robert Holden

Sometimes there's no greater comfort than knowing life is not against you. Life is for you in every way possible. 

I know it's hard to see this, since we've all had tragic things happen to us, but in Life Loves You, Louise Hay and Robert Holden teach you exactly how to remember how much life truly loves you, and the practices you can implement to remember this very fact. 

In the book Louise Hay says "Life isn't about getting your own way, it's about getting out of your way." 

And that couldn't be closer to the truth. There is so much beautiful wisdom to be had from this little book, I urge you to pick it up this summer. It's a small, quick, and joyful read. 

Are there any books you've read lately that are lifting your spirits? I'd love to add some of them to my own reading list! 

I truly wish you a beautiful week, and hope that you find some peace in your days.

Thank you for choosing love today!

2 Things to Keep You Sane When the World's Gone Mad

2 Things to Keep You Sane When the Worlds Gone Mad.jpg

It's hard to think about anything else but the mass shooting yesterday morning in Orlando. 

It's hard to imagine what it's like to walk into a night club with some of your best friends, and never walk out. 

I can't help but tear up every time I think about it. 

In times like these, I return to love. I feel like it's our only salvation.

Because what's the alternative?

We could get angry, sure. We could rant about politics. We could talk about how crazy people are. 

But what we really need is our sanity restored. We need unity. We need remembered oneness. 

The idea that there are divisions of people in this world is making the world truly insane, insane enough to want to kill. 

So the burden falls on us to return to love when the world is in chaos.

It's up to us to find some semblance of peace in our lives, to find the willingness to see the light, even in the darkest, most insane situations.

And what happened yesterday in Orlando was an insane situation, one in which hate and fear blocked out all of the light.

We can't let it block ours.  

If you're looking to restore some of your sanity this week and find a little peace, I urge you to go within and return to love.

Here's how I've been doing it each day:

I start each day with a ritual. A morning practice. 

These daily morning practices have helped restore my sanity in times of distress like nothing else.

I cling to them now in uneasy times like these, because they've become my only defense against the insanities of the world, but they're a defense in which I find myself completely defenseless, laying down all armor and attack words, and looking closely at the person on the other side. 

If you're looking for some relief from the world this week, try this: 

Wake up to the Insight Timer meditation app.

Meditate for however long you want (I do about 18-20 minutes), and when you're done, read a daily lesson from A Course in Miracles

This practice won't be for everyone, guaranteed. 

The timing of it, the length of it, none of it will exactly fit the lives of every person, but the conjunction of the two, in whatever way you see fit, will surely change your life. 

If you're unsure about what the Course in Miracles is, I've created a quick start guide here to help you get familiar with it >> 

The whole process of meditating + reading from the Course takes about 30 minutes I would say, depending on how long you want to meditate or spend with the text. 

But using these two activities in conjunction has allowed me to see the insanity of my own mind (judgement, hostility, fear, separation, anxiety) and watch it all slip carefully each day through the holy doors of love.  

And I never preach anything else. 

Now morning practices don't mean all of your problems are solved.

It doesn't erase the pain, or help you turn a blind eye to it. I wish I could say it was the magic solution to saving everyone in the whole world. 

But it doesn't make anything go away.

Instead, it bathes all fear and anxiety in love and light.

It helps you open your arms to it.

It helps you bring it in, all the fear and anxiety you suffer with daily, and put it up in the fanciest hotel room in the world. 

It helps you see it for what it is: a part of your human experience, but not a part of the real you. 

If you want to try this out for a few days, here's what I'd suggest:

Download the Insight Timer app on your phone (free) >>

Download the Course in Miracles app on your phone (free) >> 

Download this quick start guide to help you understand what the Course in Miracles is here >>

When you wake up tomorrow, select a morning meditation to listen to, to help you start your day with love and an open mind. 

Then open up a lesson from the Course. Start at day 1, and see where it leads you. 

Taking the time to love and get to know yourself will create true change in this world, in a time when we so desperately need it. 

Sending lots of love and prayers today to both you and all of the grieving,